about us
Moving the Movers and Shakers.

GroupNordin is an advertising and public affairs firm with a proven track record of persuading decision-makers in Washington, D.C.—and moving them to action. From influential opinion leaders and the media, to the power brokers and political elite. We know the key insiders that have the skill to impact and ultimately change the debate. A full service ad agency, if you will. We're best known for creative ideas ads that speak to an audience with a resonant voice. One that rings true to the way they think, feel and speak.

Our goal is to help organizations turn one voice into many. With clear messages and compelling mandates, we can move the tide. Quickly. We do it by helping you see your mission in a brand new light. We show you how to affect positive change. We're all about practicing good corporate citizenship. Getting to the table early— and winning.

Our forte is helping you adjust attitudes in order to change legislation in D.C., not to mention public opinion across the U.S. For corporations, we win support. For associations, we boost membership. And for organizations, we create favor for your issue in the court of public opinion. Our unique brand of "effective advocacy" is a potent blend of smart PR and creative advertising.